Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Applications are highly susceptible to hacking as modern applications entail use of multiple technologies leading to an enormous attack surface.  Most development teams are pressed to meet deadlines with little time to perfect an attacker's mindset.  Coupled with movement towards cloud based services, integration with Internet of Things (IoT) and several API's and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are making security a daunting task that needs trusted external help.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

With the advent of mobile revolution, most consumer focused businesses are using mobile apps in a compelling way to connect with their customers directly. Such a connect entails a huge business risk for the Company due to sensitive customer data handling and potential for financial frauds. With a slew of vulnerabilities being discovered everyday, continuous risk assessment of mobile apps has become a business necessity today.

Network Penetration Testing

Networks are highly vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS), Man in The Middle (MiTM), Snooping and De-Authentication attacks. An expert penetration tester does not only use a vulnerability scanner but digs deep into one's experience to manually test and discover critical vulnerabilities. Let our testers get them for you.

How it works

Information Gathering

In this stage we perform detailed reconnaissance about the application, its architecture, features and security controls. Certain inputs are also sought from the Dev team.

Planning and Analysis

Based on the information collected we devise a full scale “Red Team” approach to mimic real time attacks. To minimise impact we plan the attack, either on dummy environment or during times of lowest network activity (lowest traffic).

Vulnerability Assessment

In this stage, we run vulnerability scanners to look for possible vulnerabilities and common vulnerabilities related to the platform, APIs, technology framework etc.

Penetration Testing

Here we run exploits on the application to evaluate its security. We use custom scripts, open source exploits and in-house tools to achieve high degree of penetration.


We generate concise and succinct reports of the vulnerabilities discovered along with discussion on the nature of vulnerability, its impact, threat level and recommendation to remove the vulnerability.


Our technical experts discuss the report, along with the bugs found, and their impact scenario with the development team of the client. Comprehensive discussions are carried out on how to remove the vulnerabilities and harden the application.

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