mimikatz 2.1.1 20170720 release: fix bugs & new features

Security researcher @gentilkiwi announced on Twitter, well-known password extraction tool mimikatz launched 2.1.1 20170720 version,fix bugs & new features.



Mimikatz is an open source gadget written in C, launched in April 2014. It is very powerful, support from the Windows system memory to extract clear text password, hash, PIN code and Kerberos credentials, and pass-the-hash, pass-the-ticket, build Golden tickets and other hacking technology.

And windbg together, mimikatz can even read the virtual machine system password credentials.

Mimikatz use is also very simple to extract the Windows system plaintext password only two lines of command:

Privilege :: debug
Sekurlsa :: logonpasswords

The latest version of mimikatz has been released on Github. You can download here.

Change log 2.1.1 20170720:

  • mimikatz as a DLL, DLL delay loading for bcrypt/ncrypt, some crypto s…

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